ari - drums
tuomo - bass/vocals

- formed in 1992
- 2 x guitar/bass/drums quartet 1992
- guitar/bass/drums trio 1993-1998
- bass/drums/duo since 1999
- 3 full length albums
- 4 ep's
- 1 compilation album
- 4 european tours
- about 150 gigs

perjantai 14. syyskuuta 2012

Overdrive and distortion

Ok, Tuomo just bought an Overdrive pedal and it means that there will be both overdriven/distorted bass sound as well as the clean one. It means a big change for overall sound of Cause For Effect, both forthcoming and old songs. This is the biggest change since the guitar dropped out.

This decision is quite big since Tuomo has played 25 years with clean sound and never used any kind of pedals. The change is not only for the sound, Tuomo has to learn to use the pedal as well. :)

14 of 15 new songs are ready. New EP, maybe within this year. More information later.

ps. visit our Bandcamp page @

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