ari - drums
tuomo - bass/vocals

- formed in 1992
- 2 x guitar/bass/drums quartet 1992
- guitar/bass/drums trio 1993-1998
- bass/drums/duo since 1999
- 3 full length albums
- 4 ep's
- 1 compilation album
- 4 european tours
- about 150 gigs

keskiviikko 20. maaliskuuta 2013

Re-recording 0+1=01 album

We’re going to re-record ”0+1=01” album almost entirely. We have just started rehearsing phase and we’ll go to the studio somewhere in autumn. Now we have about 20 of our “favorite” songs on the list out of original 33, but the exact number of songs will be sorted out in near future.

The reason for this is that we have never been really satisfied how 0+1=01 came out. The overall production and playing on that album didn’t go as we originally wanted it.

0+1=01 was (and still is) in many ways our most challenging album and it has one of the best tunes we have ever composed. Those songs deserve the production that really is satisfying for us and hopefully for the listener.

The title will be “0+1=2013”